welcome to the future.

she's themorning and thenight

i hope this helps

people pray, for miracles,
while they're crouched down on the floor
against a dimly lit pew
of their church corridor

everybody's waiting for something to happen
and i guess that was me,
yeah i guess i was a sheep
counting down the hours, of every week

oh i hope this helps

waiting for the rain, i'm waiting for a change
well i had it all upside down
it was inside out, yeah it was turned around

but i feel like i've had an ephiphany
like this whole fucking time, well i just could not see
yeah life's like a lottery,
but i'm out of cash, and i've never really been that lucky

'you make your own luck' she whispered to me
'every new day, is a brand new
opportunity, and it's free.

so what the hell are you waiting for,
you gotta get out there, you gotta win your war,
nothing's gonna happen in this dead beat space,
and you ain't gonna find it if you stay in this one place'

oh i hope this helps

well she didn't speak no more
no she just kissed my cheek
and then walked right on out the door,
i knew i wouldn't see her again.

well she's the only thing,
that's been on my mind
for any considerable length of time
and it doesn't matter what i do
it just can't change the way i feel about you

oh i hope this helps

the best advice comes from repeat offenders,
and the worst mistakes come from all night benders
and things they get fucked up,
but you roll with the punches, gotta get yourself back up.

Well as a teacher i can build your road,
but you're the one that needs to take it home
and as your friend i can shine the light
but you need to see it, yeah you need to prove me right.

oh i hope this helps

yeah there's never an answer, fits inside the box,
it's the wrong damn shape
you gotta mold it 'til it fits,
you gotta make your hits not miss.

and you can't make plans for everything,
and if you think you can,
well you must be lost
and this might come as a shock

but oh i hope this helps,

well if you love me then you'd better tell me now
you'd best find a way, find a way somehow
'cos i'm leaving
this god forsaken town..

well oh i hope this helps.

call the police

call the police, this is a situation i'm not equipped to deal with. call the therapist, you've lost your mind, you've been drinkin' till you're blind, while your children play outside on the road. and i know your family has fallen apart, and you feel like you've been left in the dark, but have you given it a chance? have you really given it a go? and there's only so much, that a friend can do, and i wouldn't be a friend if i slept with you. i know you want me to, but i don't want me to.

i feel in-different now, i feel relieved somehow. yeah 'cause i know that i have tried to show you reason, yeah 'cause i know that i have tried to stop you grieving. oh

in between

she was looking for a place to stay, she fell from grace, had everything you'd need today. her family, a nice car, she looked like a movie star - yeah but everybody has their devils, everybody has a vice. she found hers in a lovers note. yeah, cocaine was the words she wrote. cocaine was the branch she broke, cocaine was the branch she broke.

she begged for me to let her in. i didn't speak, just pitied her for what she did. and that night, was the last to see her worn out face, troubled ways, her growing shame, residing hate, her losing race, her souls dark cage. and cocaine was the words she wrote, cocaine was the branch she broke.

the devils in the digits, god is in the glory, and the angels sing, somewhere in between.

oh, brother

brother i know it's been too long, well are you back up on your feet? is there a woman for me to meet? is there a point in me reminding you, that the drugs you take are killing you, there's no point in trying to lie to me, when your clothes smell just like stale whiskey, have you seen the light of day this week?

but brother i didn't here just to lecture you. i've got some news so sober up. yeah i've got news so sober up. yeah well we went and got our record made, and last week we filled a concert hall, man the money has been good to me.

and you know, that you're just like family, here's my number write it down somewhere, you should really come around sometime, the kids keep asking questions for...and i can't keep on lying to...